Excavator Rubber Track Manufacture


X-TRAC excavator rubber track is manufactured to OEM specifications within a 500acre fully integrated production facility in China. Advanced testing equipment combined with a stringent ISO9001-2008 quality assurance process, ensures a premium durable and reliable replacement rubber track.

Metal Core

Premium cast iron metal lugs are cleaned and chemically treated to remove rust followed by two different coatings to ensure protection and strong bonding with the rubber compound during vulcanization.

Steel Cord

Joint less steel cable technology, originally developed by the company, is utilized for construction of the rubber track.Steel cable is wound around a bobbin mould and sealed with a rubber membrane this results in a superior track with increased tensile strength. Each steel cord is wrapped and covered with rubber; this reduces friction between cables and results in enhanced durability.

Rubber Track

Advanced natural and synthetic rubber four stage blending technology produces a superior flexible high wear resistance track, combined with good tear resistance, anti-piercing and anti-ageing properties.